Thursday, 29 April 2010

I am looking forward to......

Since my depression, I have tried to change my outlook! I was very consumed with sadness and never really saw the point of looking forward, I didn't like the prospect of what the future held and just wanted to hide away and never deal with it. However, now I try to focus on the good things in life right now, as well as the future. There are lots of things I am so excited about at the moment....

  • Finishing University - my 3 years come to an end on May 26th and I cannot wait!
  • Holiday to Spain with Miss Tan
  • Getting my Results - although this is also extremely nerve racking, I can't wait to find out what the last 3 years of my life has amounted to.
  • Graduating - I actually cannot wait to wear the gown and hat!
  • Miss Tan's 21st Birthday
  • Family holiday to Cornwall
  • My birthday - although I will be turning 23 (which I know isn't that old, but when you have constantly heard all year "erghhhhhhhh I'm turning 21, I'm so old!!" from all your friends, 23 isn't so lovely!) I will be arriving in Australia on my Birthday so ever so excited.
  • Holiday to Australia with my Mum
  • Holiday Buddy moving in
  • Cracking on with the saving
Of course there are a few things that I am dreading (I may be slightly more positive, but I just think worrying is in me, I just can't help it)....

  • Miss Tan moving away from Brighton - The prospect of Miss Tan not being a 10 minute walk away is something that makes me very sad!
  • Leaving university and having to get a real job
  • Being skint - The prospect of never getting student loan again, having my student overdraft taken away from me and no longer receiving my Dad's pension, scares me! I need to take lessons from my sister in how to save! Although I want to go traveling my make-up addiction, shoe addiction and general shopping addiction will be hard to completely get over, therefore I need to find ways of affording everything
But hopefully, all the good things will make up for all the things I'm dreading! xxx

The Irony of my Last Post!

I find it rather ironic that the last time I blogged I said not uploading in over a month had made me angry/sad.......that was in February, it is now April! As I explained in the last post my life was rather hectic. I didn't actually think it could get worse, but oh my gosh did it! With the start of a new term, I had new deadlines, with of course the ever nearing dissertation deadline still looming! On top of this, I fell ill (which I am convinced was down to stress!). I fell extremely behind with all my work and dissertation, therefore making my life, what I like to call a little bubble of stress.

However, I caught up and managed to submit my first two assignments with enough time to crack on with dissertation, which I finally finished and handed over on Monday 26th April! It seems so strange not having to think about it after it consumed (well felt like anyways) my life for 8 months! Even if I wasn't working on it, it was there at the back of my mind! But now its all over. I don't feel amazing about it, but then I have come to realise that this normal. You have no idea what you are doing, or what they want, or how to tackle it because you've never done one before. Now I just have to concentrate on my last two assignments (which loveaudrey has informed me will feel like nothing now) and finish uni, leaving the thought of dissertation behind and hope that the hard work paid off.