Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Home alone and without Facebook!

As I said in my previous post I split from boyfriend nearly a year ago. When we split he was living in London whilst on placement which made it a lot easier to move on. However, in October he moved back to Brighton to finish his degree, as well as this he joined Facebook which had always been my 'safe haven' far far away from our relationship.

This is my second post in the same day and this is because I no longer have access to my Facebook account. My ex lives with two of my very close friends and as they were friends on my account there were constantly pictures of them with my ex and posts by him on their walls. As well as this, albums my friends were tagged in had pictures of my ex with his new girlfriend. All of this made it very hard for me to go on Facebook without getting severely upset. So in order to stop my unhappiness my housemate changed my password on Facebook so that I can only go on it when she is here to oversee what I look at. As Miss Shep is out at the moment dancing her little socks off I am blogging and realising that its my new obsession.

Me and Miss Shep who I want to Thank for helping me get happy again.


  1. hey love you have a real deep blog going here, i love it :) and thanks for following me! xx

  2. Kerry, yes it is deep! My sister who happens to be loveaudrey advised that blogging might help me as i've been quite down recently and she was totally right! Thank you for loving it! I love yours and your welcome for the following.

    Yes sister, you were right! When are you ever wrong though?

  3. The evil world of facebook and what it can do to you - what a good friend for taking action like that - I love it.
    I've found you, via your lovely sister...look forward to reading more.

  4. Thank you for following Ondine! It's nice to know that people out there are reading my blog. Makes me feel like it's all worth while writing it.