Sunday, 6 December 2009

The 5 Best Parts of my Weekend

So this weekend I have really enjoyed.....

  1. Shopping - Although Friday doesn't really count as a weekend day, it does for me as I don't uni on that day. I very much enjoyed my Christmas shopping trip with Miss Shep, eating Nando's and all the treats I bought my myself.
  2. Charity football game at uni - On Saturday Miss Shep and I went to watch a fun game of football. The first team football boys against the first team rugby boys. It was so funny. The rugby boys beat them 5-2 and then they did penalties as an extra and the rugby boys won that as well. As a for fit the football teams goal keeper had to play in his boxers in the pouring rain and freezing cold wind. It was hilarious.
  3. Mushroom and Ham pasta Bake - For dinner on Friday I made a huge pasta bake. It was so big I had enough to re-heat for dinner on Saturday as well. I love this dish, its really filling and warming. I used to make it regularly with my housemate Double D, and I missed him being here to enjoy it with me. But we had a little text talk about it which was lovely as well.
  4. Filing - although it sounds boring. I love filing. It makes me happy being organised with my work. Less stressful when I have to start doing coursework. It makes it all a much easier process, which is exactly what I need with the coursework I have over Christmas.
  5. Late night phone calls with an old friend - last night an old friend called me. I sat up for hours on the phone to him laughing and joking around. Also on Friday night as I mentioned in a previous post I had a 2 hour conversation with Kev B. I love old friends calling and having massive catch ups.
All in all, a pretty good weekend! Hope you all had a good weekend! xxx

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