Saturday, 5 December 2009

My Best Friend Kev B!!

I just wanted to write a post dedicated to my best friend. I have just spent the last 2 hours on the phone to her and it was so lovely!!! She really is the best friend a girl could ever have! I rang because I was feeling down and by the end of the phone conversation I was smiling and laughing.

We had a massive reminisce about old times, spending time in my old house, living together, going out and school!! We talked about all the people we used to go to school with and it was so funny remembering people we never see anymore and remembering all the stupid things we used to do.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to her for everything over the last 10 years. I miss her so much and love her lots and lots!! She has been especially great recently (she is great all the time obviously), letting me text her whenever I feel down and sending me amazing advice, speaking to me for hours on end and letting me poor my heart out to her and then making me smile and laugh. Whenever I talk to her I feel like my old self again, and although it may only be for a few hours its amazing!

Me and Kev B at my 21st Birthday!! Showing her my drunken love with kisses!!!

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