Thursday, 17 December 2009

A very strange, wierdly wonderful, productive day.

Yesterday evening while I was sitting with Miss T eating Chinese, both wallowing in self pity talking about all the rubbish situations in our life at the moment, we both decided to snap out of it! We decided that we are going to try and throw this negative attitude out the window and grab onto a little bit of positivity.

Since my last post I have had several people tell me I am anything but worthless and that they love me and I am really important to them. Although it might seem like an attention seeking ego-boost, it was so nice to hear and be reminded. My sister rang me straight after I uploaded it and sat there listening to me and explaining that I was wrong. She told me I need to change my negative outlook to a positive one. My best friend also read my blog and sent me loving messages telling me she thinks about me all the time and loves and misses her bessie very much, all the time. Being reminded sometimes is what you really need and I really think it has helped me to feel more positive.

I am going to try the positive thinking from now. I don't want to make it a new years resolution as I think that's sometimes setting yourself up to fail and this is too important to me to fail at.

A few little things making me happy and positive today:
  1. Meeting up with an old work friend, having a quick lunch and wondering around the shops. It was lovely to see her as I rarely get to see her. In the Summer holidays we spend so much time together but as soon as uni terms start we barely have any time to see each other. We both have so much work and she has a job, a boyfriend and lives with her family about 45 mins outside Brighton making it very hard to see each other. Even a few hours today was lovely as I wanted to make sure I saw her before the new year started.
  2. I bought my last Christmas present today. As I said in my Monday Blues post, I had one more present to buy for my Godfather. Today I braved the DVD shop and hunted for the perfect present and luckily I found it. So I'm completely finished.
  3. I came home from town and did 3 loads of washing. I am so pleased to get it all out of the way. I am now ready to start packing and preparing for going away at Christmas.
  4. I made myself a cup of tea and wrapped all my Christmas presents. One of the other tedious tasks I had to do this week was wrap everything up. I was dreading it. However, I sat down with my cup of tea and just went at it. I am actually very pleased with the job I've done. I never use Christmas paper, I always like my presents to reflect that their from me. I've decided this year they are going to reflect my favourite colour scheme black and gold, here they are:
  5. I managed to get started on my essay which makes me slightly relieved and less panicky about it.
  6. I made a lovely pasta bake for dinner with ham and mushrooms and plenty of cheese.
  7. I painted my nails with a lovely new colour I picked up from Barry M which I think is my new favourite. It's a dark, slightly metallic, purple. I think it's gorgeous and makes my dreadful nails look alright.
  8. Snow. When I had been in town earlier today there had been slight speckles of snow, but nothing to write home about. However, when I went to put the bins out just before heading to bed I clapped eyes on this:
So those were a few things making me happy today. By focusing on the good things I'm hoping to change my mindset from focusing on all the negative.


  1. I love that nail varnish *makes mental note to pop to Superdrug later* and I'm so jealous about the snow! Presentss look pretty too.


  2. Nail varnish is lovely, would look lovely on your nails as they in a better condition than mine. Snow is lovely, just a little worried that it means Mum won't be able to come collect me and bring me home. If it spreads to the West she will have difficulty driving here. It's already at 2-3 inches here. I'm very happy with my presents, I think they've turned out well. Have a good drive up North and I'll see you next Thursday for traditional Christmas eve celebrations!! xxx