Monday, 14 December 2009

Monday Blues....

So the weekend is over and the start of the week is here. The prospects of what I have to do this week just gives me the Blues.

The first thing I really need to do this week is my 2,500 word essay. I study criminology and sociology at university, the essay is for my sociology module: sociology of the Internet. I am really worried though that I have picked a really stupid topic; cybercrime. The reason I'm so worried is that it's a crime topic but I have to write it from a sociology angle. I am concerned that I will slip into criminological writing and do really badly. Lets just hope it goes OK.

The second thing that is giving me the blues is the amount of washing I need to do before heading home for Christmas. I am really bad at doing washing, I wait until the absolute last moment I can before doing it. I always wait until I literally have nothing to wear. As I'm away for 8 days and then only back for one night before heading off for another 2, I need to do it all so I can come home and pack again quickly as I won't have time to turn a wash around. I just find washing so tedious and boring, the thought has definitely put a downer on the week ahead.

Wrapping Christmas presents is another job I have to do this weekend. I usually enjoy wrapping presents and making them look pretty but this year the thought of it is filling me with dread. I need to do it this week before I head home and I just cannot be bothered. It's so time consuming wrapping presents and I just don't feel like I have the time to sit down and make them look perfect. I don't want my presents to look shabby.

As well as wrapping presents, I still have to finish buying them. I have one person left to buy for and its someone I really struggle to buy presents for; my godfather. It takes me hours and hours to find something and most of the time I buy something and then change my mind. Which then means the ridiculously long task of shopping has to happen again.

I also have to meet up with so many people I haven't seen in ages and I am just not sure how I'm going to fit everything else in. Tomorrow I have counselling and doctor's appointment which always puts worries into my head. I just really don't know how I'm going to do everything and that's why I have the Monday Blues!!!

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  1. My solutions for your monday blues:
    1. Stop worrying about the essay. You will do the best u can and it WILL be good enough.
    2. Hahaha that your washing habits haven't changed!! Just get the 1st load out of the way and it'll get easier from their. Consider yourself lucky that you're not me and don't have to do two loads a day.
    3. Make wrapping presents an event. Get some hot chocolate & some xmas snacks, stick on a xmas movie and wrap away. This would also provide a much needed break from essay writing.
    4. Godfather present + Amazon = simples. Have it delivered to Derby if you need to.