Saturday, 5 December 2009

A few little things cheering me up!

Yesterday when I went Christmas shopping I bought myself a few little treats to cheer me up!

I bought these two skirts from H and M. It's very weird for me to wear colour, I feel most comfortable in all black but I saw these two and couldn't resist. I love the colours purple and turquoise and can wear both these skirts with my usual colour black and add something else to my outfit. I also picked up this lace vest. I love lace and think it can make something simple look really dressy!! I bought this vest because you can wear it on a night out all dressed up but then wear it during the day with a simple outfit and cardy. Can't wait to wear it!! It is also in my favourite colour, even better!! The last clothes purchase was this military style top.

I love the gold embellishment. Black and gold is something I love together, it has been one of my favourite looks for a very long time now. I especially love that this top has a military style, it is a style that I have wanted to wear since it came into all the shops but haven't found anything I really love (probably because most of it is in colours that I don't like) until I found this. I wore it out today with a simple black skirt, tights, black cardy and leather boots (unfortunately didn't take any pictures as I got absolutely drenched watching football and had to come home and change straight away before I caught pneumonia).

The very last thing I bought was Barry M's grey nail varnish. I just love it! I came home from football, changed, made a cup of tea and painted my nails. Winter does really horrible things to my nails and I also don't think the stress has helped but I think this colour has made them look half decent again.

These few little things have cheered me a little bit and I can't wait to wear all my new things out.


  1. I really want some of those skirts. I hunted through my h&m the other week but couldn't find them anywhere. Love everything you got! xxx

  2. Wish you'd told me, I could have got one for you as part of your xmas pressie! xxx