Thursday, 10 December 2009

So our plan failed!

Miss Shep and I sat down with the full intention to watch all 9 films, however, a late night for Miss Shep (she had been out and then lost her phone so was up all night trying to sort it out) and a very restless night sleep for me (I stayed with Miss T but we both had far to much going round our heads so were unable to sleep soundly) has meant that we are folding early. The eyes are closing and the yawns are coming far too often. We have reached the end of film 4 defeated. We are both heading to our beds with the full intention of finishing this musical marathon off after Christmas. Whilst watching the 4 films we did discuss adding a few more movies to the collection. A few of my particular favourites that I would very much like added to the list include (in no particular order):

To name but just a few.....I forgot how many musicals I love. If you guys know of anymore or I have forgotten any really really important ones please let me know! Miss Shep and me are very much looking to widen our collection and settle down to a year of musicals. xx


  1. I think musicals are the marmite of the film world - people seem to either love or despise them. I love them. A few of my favourites (if you're looking to add to your list!) are High Society, Singing in the Rain, Chorus Line, and Cabaret. Wonderful stuff!

  2. Doh, just noticed Singin in the Rain is on your original list. Ok, I'll trade you You Were Never Lovlier instead!