Sunday, 13 December 2009

The 5 Best Parts of my Weekend

The 5 best parts of my weekend are (they all revolve around a similar thing but oh well it was such a good weekend)...
  1. Going to London -It was so lovely going back to London (I was born and raised in London but have lived in Surrey and Brighton over the last 3 years). I don't feel the same way about as I did when I was younger, but I still love going to visit it and going back to Oxford Street, Regent Street, Leicester Square and all the other places I used to go to on a regular basis.
  2. Having my Hair done - Up until October I had, had the same person cut my hair since my very hair cut. It got to the point in October where I was desperate for a cut but couldn't afford to travel back to London and have it done, so I eventually bucked up the courage and had it done in Brighton. This weekend my lovely Mummy treated me to a colour and trim with my old hairdresser. It was so nice being there and lovely seeing Barbara snip snip (the name my niece gave her).
  3. Shopping - Whilst in London, my sister, Mum and I went to Oxford Street and went shopping. I love Oxford Street shopping. It has lots of my favourite shops and just has an amazing vibe about. Although it was absolutely rammed because it was a Saturday and 2 weeks before Christmas it was still amazing, it just took forever to get anywhere even just walking around the make-up stands in Selfridges took forever.
  4. Legally Blonde the Musical - My Mum had brought my sister and I preview tickets to see the brand new musical version of Legally Blonde on stage, starring Sheridon Smith (2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Gavin and Stacey, Benidorm, Johnathon Creek) and Duncan James (singer from Blue). It was absolutely amazing. All the songs were really catchy, they had real dogs playing Bruiser and Rufus who kept running about, the script and actors were really good and ridiculously hilarious. As well as this, after the performance I was able to get the majority of the actors to sign my program and I had my pictures taken with some of them. It was very cool.
  5. Back to Brighton with Mummy - My Mum very kindly drove me back to Brighton today. Although I am on Christmas holidays I have so much work that needs doing that I have made myself stay until next week to complete one of my essays so it doesn't hang over me for too long. Mummy and I drove back together and then had a lovely afternoon shopping and eating Nando's. My Mum had never had Nando's so I was introducing her to my favourite food and she loved it. YAY!!!!
All in all my weekend was amazing. Spending 2 days with my Mummy and Sister was amazing!! I had so much fun and it has put a fat smile on my face. Here are a few pictures of the absolutely, fantastic, fun filled, ridiculously amazing weekend.....

Sheridon Smith and Me!

Me and Duncan James!

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